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I have recorded over 200 released albums, 3 that have gone Gold and 1 Platinum. I've been in the studio for over thirty years, recording all styles of music from Metal to Hip Hop, Acid Jazz to Techno Industrial. A few names I have recorded are Yngwie Malmsteen, TNT, KRS-One, Michael Romeo (Symphony X), Delmar Brown (Sting), and Jennifer Batten.

I record my tracks in a state-of-the-art studio with a guaranteed pro-sound. The choice is yours to have with a dry sound or more produced. I know some artists want to mix from the beginning, so I offer that option. The tracks will be played to fit the music style with taste and deep groove. Also, I can put my style and signature on the tracks or more follow your original demo. Some artists and bands want my drumming style and feel on the tracks, so I offer that option. 

I started recording in the mid-’80s when all was done on 2” tape and drum tracks were one take, all the way through from song intro to end. So I am trained to nail the click track but groove with it. Times have changed and digital recording has taken over but I still record with the feel of the song in mind, meaning from start to finish equal feel and consistent groove throughout, very important for any song. I put a heavy focus on dynamics and try to enhance a song with the drums, always musical and always tasteful.

I can record whole albums or single tracks. Great affordable rates and musical satisfaction and sound guaranteed. I am a drum sound fanatic so you will have great sound and drum tuning catered to fit your band’s musical taste. We work together even if we are not in the same room together or even in the same country. Hire me NOW so you don’t have to hire me LATER (haha). Check some samples of my work in the session work video section. For information about recordings and scheduling contact me via my contact form

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