John Macaluso Drummer


Recording Artist Session Drummer Touring Musician Clinician Teacher

New York born drummer John Macaluso has recorded over 200 albums and toured worldwide as a session drummer, recording artist, teacher, clinician and producer. He has 1 Platinum and 3 Gold albums to his credit. John has played for some of the world's top artists in many different genres of music spanning from speed metal to Rap.

“I have a lot of music to choose from, so I decided to share songs that really represented my drumming style and sound from different styles of music. In many of these, I was a part of the writing process and production. Thank You for listening to some of my babies.”

Old drummer joke: Q: When is it time for the band to break up? A: When? When the drummer says, “Guys, I got some tunes” Haha, Oh, that hurts. You gotta love drummer jokes, some are dead on and I don’t mean on the click. 

I spent my life recording and writing music so when I had to choose what songs to put up on the website to represent, it wasn’t easy. Kind of like a diner menu at 4:30 AM and you are seriously hungry, TOO many options, too much to choose from, maybe you order the wrong thing. I decided to share the stuff where I can show my signature on the drums, my style. I think it is the most important thing for any musician or drummer to have (Ohh another drummer joke in there). But seriously, all my favorites I can pick them out on an album instantly. It could be their snare sound, their punch, their fills, where they sit in the groove but it’s theirs. Having that thing is like Invisible Luggage that you carry with you around the world but never lose it, it stays with you. I worked and shot for that my whole life. Having your own style and getting called for it is the ultimate payback for any session musician, I mean how fun to come down to the studio and the band or artist says, “ok do your thing?” It rules. So I chose these songs and feel they represent my style of drumming. Some of these tracks I also co-wrote and some I wrote the lyrics. So here are some of my babies. Thanks for listening, thanks for checking out my site.