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New York born drummer John Macaluso has recorded over 200 albums and toured worldwide as a session drummer, recording artist, teacher, clinician and producer. He has 1 Platinum and 3 Gold albums to his credit. John has played for some of the world's top artists in many different genres of music spanning from speed metal to Rap.

My Mom would always ask me after a tour or trip I took to record somewhere, “John, let me see some pictures of Vienna or Paris”. She would say, “All you show me are some photos of you and the band in a bus or in a club laughing and hanging out or you behind a drum set, come on let me see some good pictures.” The thing is on tours I always had a comfortable routine so I can play my best and here it was. Arrive at the venue, tech sets up kit, we do soundcheck, eat, do the gig, hang with the band of friends after till late, back on the bus, hang and talk about the gig or whatever, maybe a little History Channel, go to bed or (bunk) late, my tech wakes me up for next soundcheck in another city about 4 pm, soundcheck, gig, etc., etc. It just worked. A little different these days but true, never any good photos from all the places I played and have been. So when some guys in the band would say, “Man we went to Louvre or the Sydney Opera House in the morning”, I would say, “Oh yeah? Cool let me see some pictures” (ha ha). Wish I had taken more but I do have some, mainly onstage or backstage and here they are. Some pics. through the years with bands and great friends. “The Johnny Mac Mini Photo Gallery.” HIt it!!!

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