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John Macaluso Drum Instruction

John Macaluso

Drum Instruction

John has studied with some of the worlds best drummers and teachers. The list includes, Joe Franco (Good Rats), Rod Morganstein (Dixie Dregs), Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne), Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa), Dom Famularo, Casey Schuerelle, Jim Chapin, Mike Lauren, Jim Holland, Frank Ballucci, Efrin Toro, Chuck Silverman, Joe Porcaro, and Joey Heredia. John is a graduate of California's Musician's Institute/Percussion Institute Of Technology.

John has released a drum book titled "Repercussions" which has been endorsed by Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Joe Franco and Bobby Jarzombek (Halford). John has written a number of articles for Modern Drummer Magazine covering all facets of drumming and techniques. He has been featured in Modern Drummer many times as well.

John is accepting students of all ages and at all levels. Learn what you want to know and learn what you need to know, learn it quick and learn it correctly.

Some subjects covered in lessons are:

  • Double bass drumming
  • Linear playing
  • Odd times
  • Hand technique
  • Foot speed and power
  • Studio recording
  • Playing to the click track
  • Jungle drum & bass drumming
  • World rhythms
  • Many more...

Rock, Jazz, Metal, Prog and Latin styles all covered. Great rates and flexible schedule available. Contact John for more information at (516) 607-3018 or E-Mail at

Drum Clinics

John Macaluso Has an extensive background as a worldwide touring drum clinician. He has performed clinics in most of the major music store in the US as well as many drum schools, institutes and colleges. He just finished a very successful European drum clinic tour sponsored by Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth drum sticks, Evans drum heads and GMS drums. John covers all facets of drumming at his clinics such as double bass drumming, jungle drum and bass, hand technique, world rhythms, foot speed, studio recording tips, linear drumming, odd time and much more. Most clinics are organized with a theme for example: The European clinic tour was on "The Drumming Of ARK", John's critically acclaimed prog rock band.

He also offers studio musician seminars, usually done in schools and recording studios. Here John teaches students and musicians hands on methods to learn to record records and demos in the studio. Examples are, playing to click tracks, drum tuning, mic techniques, playing in different styles, getting the right drum sound for the song. The courses are not just for drummers but for all musicians interested in learning how to work as a studio musician or engineer. Group seminars are very popular. In these students of all instruments learn to get together to do tracks together. They learn playing in time, playing for the song, vocal mic technique, locking in together, editing, on the spot improv and much more. Usually students will record full track and take CD of their song back. The only way to learn about your playing is to listen to your playing.

Contact John for more information at (516) 607-3018 or E-Mail at


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