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Michael Romeo issues second solo full-length studio album War Of The Worlds // Pt. 2 on March 25th, 2022 through InsideOut Music. It was an honor to play on this amazing album. Here is the first single "Divide & Conquer". Dig Dat KICK Sound my friends. It can be pre-ordered online at:


Here is a drum cover of Led Zeppelin's "Fool In The Rain", just a piece. Some serious musicians on this track and I am blown away who is on the keys. One of my drumming heroes, Joe Vitale, long time drummer of the Joe Walsh Band. Dig!
Benny Landa - guitars

  • Joe Vitale - keyboards (Joe Walsh Band)
  • Danny Miranda - bass (Queen)
  • Alex Alexander - percussion (David Bowie)
  • John Macaluso - drums
  • Keith Foley - executive producer

John Macaluso in recording studio shows 6 steps to build a song from beginning to full open big chorus; Steps

  1. Intro, light groove but use side stick rimclick and or percussion for the backbeat.
  2. Add backbeat but muted snare sound. When the left hand is in side stick position you can use the palm to press into snare head and control the sound closed or more open. Use right hand to play the backbeat note on snare. I call this "Pizza Snare" because the triangle area of the drumhead the right hand has space to hit looks like a slice of pizza. Trust me as silly as it sounds, you will remember it.
  3. Add snare backbeat but light and play in the centre of the drumhead. Now things are starting to open up so snare is more present.
  4. Add some melody to the kit. Use ice bells, cup chimes, cymbals, toms to add to the beat.
  5. Now add more volume and snare use a rimshot and ride bell or cymbal sound that is bigger then previous part. Ex. On a Pre Chorus.
  6. CHORUS, Go Big! Full volume rimshot on snare and noise, Make It FULL! I have a trick for sections like this that I call "NATURAL REVERB" I play 2 crashes but first crash is with the kick drum and second one (the backbeat) is hit with the right hand and left hand hits the other crash together with snare drum. Great for Power Ballad tempos as well. So now snare drum sounds like it has reverb on it, the cymbal crash makes it a longer note, gives it length.. Depending on the song and tempo, it can make the section of the song Heavy As Hell or with less volume on snare just make snare sound fuller.

I recorded this Zeppelin classic "D'yer Mak'er" with some of my great friends from New York. Big thanks Keith Keith B Foley for putting these albums together.

John Macaluso on tour with Jennifer Batten, April 2019


Here is a great video celebrating the great Terry Bozzio's 70th Birthday. The video was done by my good friend here in Italy Andrea Bianchi. I am honored to be in the vid along with so many other drummers who were inspired by the most innovative drummer in history...Bozzio! Video includes Joe Franco, Matt Cameron, Clive Bunker, Sergio Ponti, Marco Minnemann, Pat Mastelotto, Barrie Barlow, Charlie Benante, Russ Kunkel, Jeff Bodens, Todd Sucherman and many more...oh, and me doing my best Terry imitation at 22:16 in the vid. Hope you enjoy.

John Macaluso on tour with Jennifer Batten, April 2019

John Macaluso Solo Album Union Radio on sale

Review: John Macaluso's Union Radio REMASTERED

"Having played with the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, James LaBrie, Riot, Symphony X and Starbreaker, former TNT and ARK drummer John Macaluso is one of the most prolific and respected names when it comes to the realms of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Prog-Metal. He is also one of the most technically skilled drummers in rock..."

Read the entire review by Henry Bocanegra...

Symphony X Tour - Hellfest 2013 "Set The World on Fire"

Symphony X - “Inferno”

Symphony X "When All Is Lost" Hellfest 2013

More of John in the Recording Studio in Italia

James LaBrie Band - Drained

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Recording ARK "Burn The Sun" in Celle, Germany 2000

John Macaluso - Ark Recording 2000

This is one of the only photos taken from that session. Here I am recording the first half of the song "Missing You". Producer, Tommy Newton put a bunch of candles around the kit and knocked out lights to get the vibe...I think it worked! I wanted to get a Phil Collins feel on first half of tune, so I used very thin 7A sticks, then went back to my 2B's for the finish. 2B or not to be, I love the record, one of my babies. J. Mac.

European Drum Tour

John Macaluso European Tour

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Need a Drummer for your Next Recording?

John is available to play on your record, music of all styles. John has recorded over 200 records and multiple demos, movie soundtracks and sessions.

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Paiste Artist Spotlight: John Macaluso

PAISTE John Macaluso

I'm proud to announce that I am this month's Paiste Artist Spotlight. Go check out the article on the Paiste website.

Symphony X - “When All Is Lost”Live

James LaBrie Band - Crucify

John Macaluso Drum Solo Verona, Italy

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John Macalusoa Drum Clinic in Drammen, Norway

John Macaluso Drum Clinic in Drammen, Norway

John in the recording studio in Italia

James LaBrie Band - Invisible

Drum Clinic in Italy 2011 Video

Here is video clip from my drum clinic in Genoa, Italy during my European drum clinic tour.

Macaluso Autograph Appearance in Germany

Musikmesse John Macaluso

Had a blast with JR Robinson, Carl Palmer, Zwanie Jonson and Inferno from Behemoth at Paiste signing session in Frankfurt Germany. Here are some pictures and video from Musikmesse...

Eric Paiste and John Macaluso

John Macaluso, Eric Paiste and Inferno at Musikmesse

Drum Shop USA: The John Macaluso Signature Series brass snares

Drum Shop USA has just made the John Macaluso signature series snare line with the Brass “The Omecist” and the maple wood “Radio Wave”. “These are the best snare drums I have ever used! My two signature snares were made specifically for me and the music I play. I find that they are so versatile, that they can fit any and all types of music." Learn more on the Drum Shop USA website.

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